A Marvellous Story

Friends recommending me books seems to be my go-to way of finding some of the most exciting and interesting books I’ve read in 2021.  And his one is no different. 

A Marvellous Light by Freya Marske was suggested to me under the synopsis of the book jacket: Robin is a good over brother, a responsible employer and a harried baronet of a seat gutted by his parents.  He stumbled into a new job and is met by Edwin, his cold and prickly counterpart who doesn’t want him there. 

A Marvellous Light

This alone was enough for me to go out and buy the book.  The basis of the story is a magical world alongside the non-magical world in Edwardian England, a small group determined to find three relics that promise the magical world more power.  Robin is not magical, Edwin is.  And through a filing error, Sir Robin Blyth is not only thrust into he magical world but accosted and a curse put upon him on his first day. 

The rest of the story is Robin and Edwin trying to remove the curse placed upon Robin and to find the magical items and stop the evil group.  But there’s more friends, there’s so much more.

It’s a story about Robin, the unwilling patriarch of his household and guardian to his younger sister who wants to go to college. It’s about him finding his way in the world and navigating the baronet and figuring out how to fix the mess his parents left for them.  It’s about Edwin being the least magical person in his family of powerful magical people. It’s about him finding his way through a powerful family to find his own magic and coming into himself.  It’s about prejudices and women being smarter than the men give them credit for, it’s about intrigue and romance and the hero’s journey.

Mostly, it’s about Robin and Edwin becoming friends and then romantic partners during this journey. 

The deeper I got into this book, the more I fell in love with Robin and Edwin and their awkwardness and their loyalty.  Throughout everything, these two men who have nothing in common come together and develop this bond that helps them both through the story. 

And I’m not going to lie, I fell in love with Sutton Cottage and its green witchery and its hedge maze.  When you read it, you’ll know why. 

Edwardian house: get to know your period home's beautiful design | Real  Homes

You want queer wizards, here you go. It’s delightful, it’s adventurous and it’s potentially the start of a series, which makes me all manner of excited. 

So yes, another heartfelt, excited “go read this” from me.  Friends, keep suggesting to me the good stuff!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving dinner and the shopping that followed. December is full of Christmas goodness.  I’ll be reviewing a lovely Christmas romance “Mr. Jingle Bells” by Leta Blake and, since it’s been a while, “The Twelve Days of Christmas: Sherlock Holmes” by Roger Riccard.

Make sure you pick up something from your local bookstore and spend the weekend relaxing with your blanket, a good drink and a even better book. 

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