All the tropes!

What’s your favorite tropes in books. It’s February so we’ll start with Romance novels.

Personally, I will devour a good fake dating romance novel like a gourmet meal. Other’s like friends to lovers, still other’s like secret baby.

According to, tropes are popular because they both offer readers something familiar and give them a jumping off point to something new and innovative (

They calculated nine of the most popular tropes for romance novels.

Love Triangles– Everyone loves a good “which one will they choose?” novel. How else can you explain the popularity of the Twilight and Hunger Games series? I mean, outside the vampires vs werewolves and future dystopian governments.

Secret billionaire– I mean, who doesn’t want to be Cinderella? The rags to riches story is what we practically grew up on.

Friends to lovers– I am legit reading this trope right now in Count Your Lucky Stars. Because we all know a good friend to lovers story is *chef’s kiss*

Stuck Together– Sometimes combined with “There’s only one bed!” Person A goes camping, there’s a sudden avalanche/hurricane/ bridge washed out and oh no! What do you mean they have to share a cabin with this ridiculously attractive person? For a week!

Enemies to Lovers-Hello Pride & Prejudice!

Forbidden Love-But Daddy, I love them! I don’t care if their a vampire/ motorcycle gang member/from the wrong side of the tracks, we’re destined to be together!

Second Chance– I’ll admit, I haven’t read too many of this trope. But I see how the “we dated once, broke up and what, you just stumbled into the sleepy town where I work as a schoolteacher?” is popular.

Soul Mates– I’m not going to lie. The only time I’ve read a soulmate romance is in fanfiction where it usually involves matching marks or something. But suggests The Princess Bride as a soulmate story and who am I to argue with Masters?

Fake Relationships– Finally, my favorite of the tropes. I don’t care what sort of book it is, if their fake dating, I’m reading it. Hello The Love Hypothesis!

If you want to read the entire article you can find it here.

What’s your favorite trope? What sort of romance novel will you devour, no questions asked, every time? My comment section is always open, share your favorites.

February is half over friends and despite the cold and snow, I think we can see spring on the horizon. See you next week when the second of my baking/cooking romance novels are reviewed. Until then, get comfy, grab your favorite blanket, your favorite drink and curl up with a good book.

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