Mr. Darcy’s deeds.

Welcome back friends!  No, I haven’t gone anywhere, I just…apparently took a week off to recuperate from my first out of state convention in 2 years.  I’ll post about that next week but for today let’s discuss something light and fun to read, Engaging Mr. Darcy by Rachel John.

This is going to be short because we all know the story.  This is a modern-day adaption of the story that sticks pretty with the original text.  Elizabeth & Jane Bennet are the two oldest sisters in the Bennet family.  Their father is in a wheelchair due to medical reasons, Mary is quiet, Kitty is…well, Kitty and Lydia is a wanna be starlet who is living off her parent’s money.

Elizabeth works at the local pizza shop and has a tee shirt business that she runs with her sister Jane. Enter in Darcy, Bingley and Caroline.  Of course, Darcy and Lizzy start off on the wrong foot when he orders pizzas from the shop she works in and is…abrupt. In retaliation, Lizzie creates a tee shirt that says, “I throw Fitz” and it’s on.

In this adaptation Georgiana is also in a wheelchair due to a drunk driving accident with Wickham and Darcy and Bingley work in real estate. The rest follows the story, hitting all the main points.  All the major players are in this story; Charlotte, Collins, Catherine De Bourgh.

This was both a sweet and easy read, the perfect thing if you know the original works and just wanted something both light and delightful to entertain you.  I knew what I was going into reading this story and it didn’t disappoint.  It was a quick read for me which was good. 

Johns has an entire series of modern-day adaptations of Austen’s works including Emma the Matchmaker, Persuading the Captain, and Dashing into Disaster.  If you’re a fan of Austen variations, pick these up.  They’re worth your time.

That’s it for this week, friends.  I’ll discuss my adventures next week including the new reading swag I bought!  Until next time, remember to curl up in your favorite spot with a good book.

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