1,000 Views and free book!

Wednesday, I passed 1,000 views on my blog!

While I know that may not be a huge deal for some review blogs, it’s huge for me! I have to admit, I get a little tickled when I got the notification.

I’ve been thinking for a while how to expand this blog and how to say thank you to my readers. This milestone gives me the perfect excuse.

I’m doing a giveaway. Bear with me friends, this is the first time but I think I have the just of it. I’m giving away one of the books I’ve reviewed on my blog so far. Either the hardcover book or the equivalent for a Kindle book. Here’s what you need to do. Either like this blog post or the Twitter post that links this post. I’ll post the winner of giveaway at the end of next week’s book review.

Then you can email or DM me your genre preference and your address and I’ll send you a lovely book as a thank you for reading my posts.
Hopefully this works!

Okay friends! I’m excited about this! Join me next week when we discuss Major Holmes and Captain Watson. Until then, get comfortable and enjoy a good book.

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