London Calling

Hello friends!

June is almost over and July is only a few days away. I will be taking the month of July off from writing this blog. Why?

Because I’m going to England!

Almost two weeks in the heart of London with side trips to the country and to Scotland. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was old enough to understand what the UK was and finally, I’m getting to do it.

So while I’m enjoying my time in Jolly old England, you’ll have time to catch up on some books. And eat bar-b-que. And watch some fireworks.
While there, I’ll be, of course, going to visit places that Jane Austen lived and wrote, visiting the Globe Theater, where Shakespeare housed his plays and of course, visiting the infamous 221 B. Baker Street and other places made famous by Sherlock Holmes.

My blog will resume back in August with a review of In a New York Minute by Kate Spencer, Home before Dark by Riley Sager, Loveless by Alice Oseman, From Reality, We Stumble, by Darren Edden, and This is Not a Book about Benedict Cumberbatch, by Tabitha Carvan.
I don’t usually review non-fiction books but this one has managed to affect me in such a way that I need to talk about it. So you all get to listen in.

I’m excited for this second half of the review year. I’ve read some really good books and a few not so good. And I’m ready to share them all with you.

Maybe we’ll do another giveaway as well.

See you all on the other side of summer, my friends. Enjoy your July with a cool drink and a good book.

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