Organization?  Don’t know them.

I really should be more organized.  Book reviews are easy (HA!)  Well, not easy but at least I know what I’m doing there.  Read a book, review it, post onto blog. 

It’s these in between posts, where I’m supposed to be talking about other things, book related where I get a little lost. 

What I need, is a journal. 

But then they sit on the side looking at me forlornly as I promptly ignore it.

I need a schedule. 

One that I can’t ignore. 

There’s a common discussion between writers that asks the question: Are you a plotter or a pantser? I will freely admit here and now that I am a pantser. I am the most unorganized person ever, but I know exactly where my stuff is.  Can’t say the same for weekly deadlines.

So, writers out there, what do you use?  Do you have any tried-and-true methods that work for you?  My punster writers out there, what about you?  What do you do when you’re piddling around and suddenly Thursday night (or in this case, Saturday morning) surprises you?  Because I need to find some tentpoles at the least to settle my musing weeks. 

Back to Twitter and Pinterest. 

Or maybe I’ll just curl up with a book.

One thought on “Organization?  Don’t know them.

  1. I love organization systems, but I have had to give myself a stern talking to about confusing organizing with actually doing the things. It’s way too easy to feel like making lists or sorting tasks is accomplishing something, but it’s not, really. This is not answering your question, though.

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