All Good things…

I know I discuss books and book related things here but today we’re going to talk about the potential end of Twitter. I’m not getting into the do’s and don’ts or any of the ‘political’ ramifications or reasons on the potential end of Twitter. I just want to talk about what the site meant to me.

For me Twitter is where I mostly set up my base of operations when I began this blog and venture. It’s where I find good books, listen to others review and hype up new books I haven’t heard of before.

I know these days Book Tok is what’s popular but there’s an algorithm to that, not everyone’s reviews or promotions get pulled to the front. And Book Tok has been known, over the last year, to pick some bland and sometimes problematic books to spotlight. Twitter is all over the place. Authors of all nationalities, races, genders, orientations promote their works and if there’s something you aren’t interested in, another scroll will put you in contact with something that catches your attention and makes you stop to take a look.

Twitter is how I found some of my favorite authors. The authors that I will stand on a street corner and scream their praises. The authors who, when they promote a new book, I share and get excited and buy their book sight unseen.

There are inspiring authors on there, artists, editors. It’s how a few people I know got book deals because they queried with an editor they found on Twitter. Twitter is sometimes, a toxic waste dump, but it is also more of a gathering place for everyone.

I’ve interacted with some of my favorite actors on here, my favorite authors, my favorite artists. It’s going to break my heart if it does go because, as shitty as it was sometimes, interacting with people you don’t know and never would have had the opportunity to speak with, I’m losing them too. And, I’ve met some of my best friends on this bird app. Had opportunities I never would have had if this app wasn’t here. There’s a very good chance we’re going to lose that and it makes me sad.

I’m not good with football analogies but I’m hoping for a Hail Mary, a final minute miracle. Something that keeps us from turning off the lights. Something that keeps this hell site on life support, just for a bit longer.

Until then, we’re just going to have to be around and I’ll need to figure out how to upload this onto other social media sites…as soon as I figure out other social media sites.

Have a drink for lost friends, my friends. And after that, get comfortable and curl up with a good book.

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