Why are Men so fun to read?

Last weekend Twitter once again blew up with controversy. This time it was a subject that I’ve struggled with for the last few years so buckle up friends, this is going to get uncomfortable. On Sunday, author Jack Harbon posed a question, what do women gain from exclusively and solely writing about queer men? I’ll … Continue reading Why are Men so fun to read?

Where the Heck Were You?

Hello friends. You probably thought I was gone, didn't you? The truth, as always, is never quite so interesting. I'm in my Senior Year of College and between life, a full time job and doubling up on my classes this past year so I can graduate in December, well, things had to give. Reading outside … Continue reading Where the Heck Were You?

Chocolates and literary boyfriends

Ah Valentine’s Day. The holiday that is full of chocolate, cartoon hearts and chubby infants in diapers holding dangerous objects. Or in my case, a bag of miniature chocolate bars, a bottle of wine and watching Bridget Jones’ Diary on DVD. But the holiday always brings up the very important question:  Who’s your literary boyfriend? … Continue reading Chocolates and literary boyfriends