Memoirs, biographies and non-fiction, oh my.

Autobiographies, biographies, unauthorized biographies, memoirs.  There’s nothing more the public likes that to read about other’s secrets.  Especially if the others in question are rich and famous.   I’m old enough to remember when then Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s son wrote a “tell-all” book about his life and his parents. Which was shocking.  What was even … Continue reading Memoirs, biographies and non-fiction, oh my.


2023: Looking back and looking forward

Happy New Year friends and welcome (belatedly) to 2023. Wow, seven days in and it's already been a roller coaster ride, hasn't it? The end of 2022 was just a free fall into crashing and burning. I won't bore you will the particulars but I'm back for a new year, new ideas, new books and … Continue reading 2023: Looking back and looking forward


Holiday shopping & readings

We are now officially into the holiday shopping season. Christmas, Hannukah, Yule, Kwanzaa to name a few. No matter what holiday you're shopping for, (does Festivus need shopping days?) there's plenty of options that will appeal to the book lover in your life. Or as a well done to you after holiday shopping. Credit to … Continue reading Holiday shopping & readings


All Good things…

I know I discuss books and book related things here but today we're going to talk about the potential end of Twitter. I'm not getting into the do's and don'ts or any of the 'political' ramifications or reasons on the potential end of Twitter. I just want to talk about what the site meant to … Continue reading All Good things…


April conventions

Hello friends. How has your April been? I know I missed a week this month, a week where I would normally post my bi-monthly musings, but I had just gotten back from a convention. It was the first convention out of state I’ve attended since 2019 so it was an exciting time. 221B Con, a … Continue reading April conventions


Spring (not) Cleaning 

According to Phil, we have six more weeks of winter. As of this post, it’s actually more like two or three weeks left.  Plus, one more week until Daylight Savings Time and we lose that extra hour but gain and extra hour of sunlight each day.  It’s a trade off I’ll happily take.   It’s been a little … Continue reading Spring (not) Cleaning 

Where the Heck Were You?

Hello friends. You probably thought I was gone, didn't you? The truth, as always, is never quite so interesting. I'm in my Senior Year of College and between life, a full time job and doubling up on my classes this past year so I can graduate in December, well, things had to give. Reading outside … Continue reading Where the Heck Were You?