A Riot in Camden

My relationship with urban fantasy is tenuous at best.  It usually depends on the book or the author. So when I was suggested the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovich, I was hesitant.  I only know Aaronovich from his works on Doctor Who books and the Blake’s 7 Big Finish audio drama series, of which I … Continue reading A Riot in Camden

Ali Hazelwood, you have my heart.

By now you all know my origin story regarding my love of Ali Hazelwood books. So when the newest book came out, a collection of three short stories called Loathe to Love You, of course I snatched it up from the library and read it.   Why do I love these so much? Hazelwood holds a … Continue reading Ali Hazelwood, you have my heart.

Science women are perky bundles of rage.

I love Ali Hazelwood. She’s quickly becoming a person whose books I pick up no matter what just because her name is on the cover.  What started as a spite read for me with The Love Hypothesis, is quickly turning into a full-blown love of the author’s writing. I wish I shipped Reylo so I … Continue reading Science women are perky bundles of rage.


The Door Is Open

I’ve mentioned my love of podcasts before in this blog.  Usually when I’m talking about the latest Jonathan Sims novel. Of which there have been two and anyone who likes horror should go read them.  But I digress. One of my first foray into audio drama, after Welcome to Night Vale, was The Black Tapes.  It’s … Continue reading The Door Is Open


Small town life, Big town drama

Imagine you’re a woman in a small Northern town.  You win a well-known baking contest and come home.  And your life falls apart.  That’s Monroe Roberts life.  A young woman in the town of Forever Falls returned to find her husband had been sleeping with her cousin.  It’s the reverse of the Hallmark trope of … Continue reading Small town life, Big town drama


When your audiobook goes Meta

After listening to a few audiobooks that just ripped my heart and tossed my emotions all around until they were shaken and stirred, I wanted to take a breath. Listen to something nice and sweet.  Something that was just going to be a nice interlude before I dove into the next audiobook that I knew would … Continue reading When your audiobook goes Meta


Afro-Latino voices: a retelling of a classic

It's ironic that Black History Month is also the shortest month in the year. As if people agreed that they would finally decided to give black people recognition but as little as necessary. My posts this month are nothing but I hope to shed light on books written by writers of color. There's been discussions … Continue reading Afro-Latino voices: a retelling of a classic


History Repeating Itself

Originally, I was going to spend February talking about romance novels and doing my standard reviews. I even posted a musing last Friday discussing romance novels and what constituted a romance. Then Saturday I heard some news frustrated me   That will be next week’s Musings but for now my view for this month has shifted. … Continue reading History Repeating Itself


Ladies don’t tell

I have an odd para-social relationship with Alexis Hall’s books.  On one hand, I love the sarcastic, self-deprecating mess that is Luc O’Donnell and his uptight, organized partner Oliver Blackwood from both Boyfriend Material and Husband Material.  The books have such a gay Bridget Jones vibe that I adore them to pieces.  However, I was … Continue reading Ladies don’t tell