2023: Looking back and looking forward

Happy New Year friends and welcome (belatedly) to 2023. Wow, seven days in and it's already been a roller coaster ride, hasn't it? The end of 2022 was just a free fall into crashing and burning. I won't bore you will the particulars but I'm back for a new year, new ideas, new books and … Continue reading 2023: Looking back and looking forward

Holiday shopping & readings

We are now officially into the holiday shopping season. Christmas, Hannukah, Yule, Kwanzaa to name a few. No matter what holiday you're shopping for, (does Festivus need shopping days?) there's plenty of options that will appeal to the book lover in your life. Or as a well done to you after holiday shopping. Credit to … Continue reading Holiday shopping & readings

I need more books like this!

In a good majority of romance novels and Hallmark movies, there’s the woman who lives in the Big City and is forced to go to the Country/Small Town for whatever reason.  Seduced by the small town. First, let me preface this by saying, this was a book I didn’t know I needed until I began … Continue reading I need more books like this!

All Good things…

I know I discuss books and book related things here but today we're going to talk about the potential end of Twitter. I'm not getting into the do's and don'ts or any of the 'political' ramifications or reasons on the potential end of Twitter. I just want to talk about what the site meant to … Continue reading All Good things…

Be Our Guest

Tale as old as time…  No really, that’s the name of the publishing company in By the Book by Jasmine Guillory. A publishing company in New York that Isabelle Marlow joins after college.  The assistant to Marta Wallace one of the top editors, and one of the few black women who work in the publishing business, … Continue reading Be Our Guest

Do literary tastes change?

I'm assuming so. After all, there are books I read when I was much younger that don't impress me now. But there are books I read when I was younger that still captivate or, in certain cases, terrify me. Tastes change. Clothing styles, music, movies, food. A person's tastes change as they get older or … Continue reading Do literary tastes change?

Romances and unusual children by the sea.

A while back, maybe last year, there was a bit of discussion regarding the popularity of m/m books being written by women and the men writing these books being frozen out, so to speak.  Going in search of a male writer for a m/m romance, I stumbled upon TJ Klune and his novel The House … Continue reading Romances and unusual children by the sea.

It’s a Scream

Hello my ghosts and goolies, It’s near that time again, the first holiday in what begins the final three months of holidays. Also, my personal favorite, Halloween.  A time when the weather gets cooler, the leaves begin to fall, the warm apple cider is brought out and we gorge on chocolate.  There’s also campfires and … Continue reading It’s a Scream

Where have all the good Husband Material gone?

Books are like people.  Sometimes there are some you just don’t like.  There are some you love and keep around you at all times, and then there are a few that you love enough, but then they come back around, it’s like they never left.  Alexis Hall’s sequel in his London Calling series came out and I … Continue reading Where have all the good Husband Material gone?

What is it about Benedict Cumberbatch?

I have my preferences on books.  While some people enjoy nonfiction or memoirs; I prefer fiction.  I’m trying to escape; I want to be taken away by a book that is set in a fictional place with fictional people.  That said, when I heard about this book: This is not a Book about Benedict Cumberbatch, … Continue reading What is it about Benedict Cumberbatch?