What’s your DNR limit?

This past week I picked up a book that has been in my TBR stack for a few months with the intention to have a relaxing read.  I made it exactly one chapter in before it was obvious that the story was going to take a turn into subject material that would be personally triggering … Continue reading What’s your DNR limit?


Can robots write romance?

The talk this past week and last week have been the idea of AI bots creating works.  First, they came for the artist and many of the artists that I know and follow are rightfully outraged that pieces that they have spent hours on, labored over, are being recreated, sometimes poorly, in minutes.  Recently, this … Continue reading Can robots write romance?


A Riot in Camden

My relationship with urban fantasy is tenuous at best.  It usually depends on the book or the author. So when I was suggested the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovich, I was hesitant.  I only know Aaronovich from his works on Doctor Who books and the Blake’s 7 Big Finish audio drama series, of which I … Continue reading A Riot in Camden


How many books are too many?

My room looks like a secondhand bookshop. You know the kind, the ones you walk into and it’s just rows of old wooden bookshelves and stacks upon stacks of old paperbacks and hard covers.  The kind of store where one could easily get lost in for hours, finding treasures you hadn’t thought you’d ever find … Continue reading How many books are too many?

Ali Hazelwood, you have my heart.

By now you all know my origin story regarding my love of Ali Hazelwood books. So when the newest book came out, a collection of three short stories called Loathe to Love You, of course I snatched it up from the library and read it.   Why do I love these so much? Hazelwood holds a … Continue reading Ali Hazelwood, you have my heart.

T.J. Klune: Live and In Person!

Wednesday night, my best friend and I attended an evening to see the author T.J. Klune at one of our local centers. The event was hosted by Left Bank Books, a local bookstore in town. Klune is on tour to promote his newest work, In the Lives of Puppets which is out now. I've reviewed … Continue reading T.J. Klune: Live and In Person!

Science women are perky bundles of rage.

I love Ali Hazelwood. She’s quickly becoming a person whose books I pick up no matter what just because her name is on the cover.  What started as a spite read for me with The Love Hypothesis, is quickly turning into a full-blown love of the author’s writing. I wish I shipped Reylo so I … Continue reading Science women are perky bundles of rage.


The Door Is Open

I’ve mentioned my love of podcasts before in this blog.  Usually when I’m talking about the latest Jonathan Sims novel. Of which there have been two and anyone who likes horror should go read them.  But I digress. One of my first foray into audio drama, after Welcome to Night Vale, was The Black Tapes.  It’s … Continue reading The Door Is Open


Small town life, Big town drama

Imagine you’re a woman in a small Northern town.  You win a well-known baking contest and come home.  And your life falls apart.  That’s Monroe Roberts life.  A young woman in the town of Forever Falls returned to find her husband had been sleeping with her cousin.  It’s the reverse of the Hallmark trope of … Continue reading Small town life, Big town drama