Holiday shopping & readings

We are now officially into the holiday shopping season. Christmas, Hannukah, Yule, Kwanzaa to name a few. No matter what holiday you’re shopping for, (does Festivus need shopping days?) there’s plenty of options that will appeal to the book lover in your life. Or as a well done to you after holiday shopping.

Credit to Joseph C. Filer

If you’re still supporting small businesses, there’s always Bookshop. Org for your actual book needs. Need a particular book or gift card for that book worm in your life and want to support small bookstores, check this link out first. When you buy from the website, it will give you a list of your favorite local bookstores and that bookstore will receive full profits from your purchases. It’s an easy way of not having to drive out and alleviates the hassle of trying to search for their website. Just click the link, find your local bookstore and shop away!

The New York Magazine posted a list of their 52 Best Gifts for Book Lovers that aren’t Books with links to the items. There’s some quirky reading lamps on the list as well as some throws and armchairs. There’s a cute Jane Austen mug that would be perfect for tea while reading.

If you want to support small business, Etsy has a great line of gifts for the book lovers in your life as well. Tee-shirts, book bags, wall art, there’s some great ideas on this site.

Let me introduce you to Storiarts. Two years ago, I bought a pair of fingerless writing gloves that had a chapter from “The Hound of the Baskervilles” printed on it. Again, there are so many items to pick up there as well. Not only the fingerless gloves, which are wonderful, but they have scarfs, totes, headbands, beanies, stickers. They make a great conversation piece!

Peter Pan writing gloves from Storiarts

Of course there’s other things you can pick up as well. Quirky interesting things that will delight any book lover. And if those don’t work, gift cards are always a good idea!

Okay, enough of my sales pitch to buy more book related items from local shops. Enjoy your shopping and remember my friends, to take time for yourself. After the day is over, curl up with your favorite drink, your favorite throw and relax with a good book.

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